Overview of Urban Margins: Jaba’ to Kafr ‘Aqab Trail (between Jerusalem and Ramallah)

The trail connects the villages of Jaba’ and Kafr ‘Aqab, nowadays at the margin of the suburbs of Jerusalem and Ramallah. The itinerary invites us to question our notions of territory and borders. This hiking project, initiated by the RIWAQ center – an association for the preservation of the Palestinian architectural heritage – invites the various participants (local communities and international visitors) to grasp the challenges of these villages through the layers of history, environment, topography, geography and urbanism. A singular hike between city and countryside.

The RIWAQ center is an association for the preservation of Palestinian architectural heritage that works document, preserve and restore both built heritage and all forms of cultural heritage. Through a pluridisciplinary approach, RIWAQ brings together heritage architects, historians, territorial urbanists, landscapers, archeologists, artists, sociologists, as well as practitioners from the various professions linked to heritage conservation. Finally, RIWAQ works to promote and raise awareness of rural spaces among the Palestinian public through the creation of touristic itineraries.

Walking duration: 3 to 4 hours (6 km, easy)
Included: hiking guide and transportation

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