Responsible tourism

Acting for responsible tourism is for us the willingness to share our culture, our heritage and our daily life with a public who is both curious and intent on overcoming their apprehensions – amplified by often biased and superficial information.

As a Palestinian organizer of cultural and responsible travels, we believe in the development of tourism built around the discovery of the historical and cultural heritage, as well as the sharing of values of solidarity, exchange, respect and justice.

Discovery of historical and cultural heritage
Our tours aim at giving people the opportunity to address the multiple themes that punctuate the journeys: contemporary realities, history, archeology, skills, rural heritage and landscapes. They offer coherent itineraries that deviate from the conventional routes and approach sites not in an isolated and fleeting manner, but by integrating them into a larger dimension.

Our tours mirror at every possible occasion the calendar of popular events (festivals, commemorations) that shape the Palestinian collective identity. We also promote involvement in cultural events that become unforgettable moments: initiation to traditional Palestinian dancing (Dabkeh), cooking lessons...

Sharing the values of solidarity, exchange, respect and justice
Promoting responsible tourism represents for us a will to transmit knowledge and experiences, to highlight the local know-how and, in the end, to turn things over as much as possible to associations, cooperatives, institutions and individuals.

We contribute to local development through the promotion of local resources, as well as collective and individual initiatives, with a particular focus on rural areas.

We place people at the heart of the traveling experience by building bridges between visitors and the numerous Palestinian actors and partners, thereby acting as an intermediary for information and exchange. Our guests are therefore placed in a position of dynamic actors and not just passive consumers.

Finally, we contribute through unprecedented publications to the popularization of knowledge about Palestinian historical and cultural heritage.

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