Haifa & Acre

Palestinian writer and politician Emile Habibi, native of Haifa, humorously described the traditional opposition between the ancient Acre (Akka), heir of the Ptolemees and holder of traditions, and the modern Haifa. The latter was an industrial, syndicalist, political and cultural center that witnessed an intensified economic rise with the construction of the railways at the

Galilea, Nazareth & Tiberias

From above, the foothills and mounts of Galilee have for all times watched over the fertile plain Marj Ibn Amer (Jezreel Valley), passage way at the crossing of the ways linking Egypt and Syria and beyond that Mesopotamia. Region of origin of the Holy Family, Galilee was also the soil of the first Nazarene and

Umm el Fahem

Its name refers to the numerous charcoal burner’s clearings that were supplied with wood from the surrounding orchards and scrublands. Umm al Fahem is now one of the biggest Arab Palestinian cities of the so-called Triangle region, and a centre of protest. • market al Mahajna • mosque Abdallah Ibn Masoud • Mount Iskandar •


Adjoined to the Green Line and detached from a part of its territory in 1948, Tulkarem is presently flanked with a wall that still deprives it of a part of its arable lands. From its height, the region has always been an independence bastion, and its villages are a reflection of it. It invites all


Surrounded with the annexion Wall from all quarters, Qalqilya narrowly escaped a complete destruction in 1967. County town of a farming region, it has a provincial appearance. The water is abundant but its control slips from its inhabitants. Circulating inside the district is a feat in itself, but it offers treasures of rural heritage and


From the ancient Cananean port of Yapu to the Hellenistic city-state of Joppe, Jaffa has been for all times the main bridge between the Mediterranean and Jerusalem, of which it was the official port. At its zenith, the best Arab voices and musicians, from Oum Kalthoum to Mohammed Abdel Wahab, resonated in what was a


Emblematic city, Gaza is a besieged city-territory, an area in which the majority of the inhabitants are refugees native of cities and villages less than 50km away. Locked up, the Gaza strip is isolated from the rest of Palestine and the world. Despite this, Gaza and its region are a crossroads, which had always been


In the 10th century, al Muqqadasi, Arab Palestinian voyager native of Jerusalem, already refered to it as the “Little Damascus”. The image of its strength of resistance brought it the nickname Jabal al Nar, “the Mountain of Fire”, sung by the poet Ibrahim Tuqan. Of all Palestinian cities, it keeps an identity characteristic of the

Jericho, Dead Sea & the Jordan Valley

An agricultural cradle, also known as the oldest and lowest city in the world, there are plenty of superlatives to qualify it. Jericho has always been the appanage of kings and princes, in the manner of Cleopatra and Herod, and a vacation place valued until today. Prolongation of the East African Rift, the Dead Sea


Ramallah, administrative, political and cultural centre, appears as a dynamic and unavoidable resource centre. Between the steep hills on its western side and the mountainous desert that plunges into the Jordan Valley on the eastern side, the region of Ramallah offers picturesque landscapes filled with terrace cultures and a bracing rural heritage. Douar al Manara